T1L1 Transforms Kids and Mentors Alike

The Teach One to Lead One program teaches universal principles to lead at risk kids into a life of purpose and potential. These universal principles are taught by dedicated mentors who are trained and equipped to teach these truths in the classroom setting. The T1L1 universal principles are Integrity, Self-Control, Respect, Humility, Compassion, Courage, Excellence, Enthusiasm, Teamwork, and Honor.

These principles have proven to transform the lives of the kids we seek to lead into being great leaders in our communities. Not only that, but these principles challenge the mentors to live out these principles in their lives as well. So, when you commit to invest in the T1L1 program by volunteering, mentoring, or financially you are impacting the lives of both the kids and mentors. It is a win-win!!

Will you join us to impact the lives of at-risk kids in our community?  To find out how contact us for more information at http://t1l1.org/taketherisk.